It is a fact that the number of people working in a coworking space is increasing rapidly and globally. According to Small Business, is on pace to reach 3.8 million by 2020. Why? These flexible environments are perfect for Entrepreneurs that need a comfortable and flexible working space with a base of resources that can help them grow their businesses and create connections that can last over a lifetime. 

So, here is 4 things you should not do in a coworking space:

Joining just to “network” 

Coworking spaces are potentially useful for networking between Entrepreneurs.

But, it is important to keep in mind that coworking spaces are not just a tool for creating connections or for how other members can help you but to work and support one another. Most of the people in coworking spaces are entrepreneurs themselves. And, while you might find opportunities for collaboration and valuable contacts that your fellow members can help you make, developing connections takes time. And that is a key factor, take time so you can engage strong and full working relations.

Not being part of the community

One key to be successful when joining in a coworking space is to show up to events. Go to member discussions. Ask how you can get more involved and take advantage of it. 

Treat these relationships with care, as you’re building your reputation in the community. Being unreliable will hurt your reputation.

Being to loud

The truth is, some people need and want attention. But If you are in coworking space you do not want to be »that» person. Coworking spaces offer a lot of opportunities for brainstorming and networking, but they’re also places to get work done. Don’t be a distraction. Remember that you are not on your own, you are part of a community.

Doubt about joining

Being a part of a coworking community brings a lot of opportunities. According to a 2016 survey, again by Small Business Labs, coworking spaces make people feel less lonely.

Working surrounded by another entrepreneurs gives you several benefits: new and innovative ideas, wisdom, and the most important you receive and give feedback. You will find it is a Win-Win situation.

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